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Grace's Cycle of Compassion: One Single Mother Dedicated to Helping Others

In a world that sometimes seems overwhelmed by challenges, stories of compassion and selflessness shine as a beacon of hope. Meet Grace Carter, a remarkable 23-year-old who stands as a testament to the incredible impact that even a modest contribution can have on the lives of those in need. Grace, a recent college graduate and single mother, is a member of Carried To Full Term's Cycle Breakers program. Through giving just ten dollars a month, Grace is making a profound difference in the lives of pregnant mothers and their children, proving that kindness knows no bounds.

Grace and her daughter, Mia at one of Carried To Full Terms' community events. When you join the Cycle Breakers membership program, you'll also get access to VIP-only events!

Grace's journey with Carried To Full Term began with a simple understanding of our mission—to end to homelessness among pregnant women. With firsthand experience as a mother, Grace could empathize deeply with the challenges that pregnant women face when they lack stable housing and support. It was this empathy that led her to join the Cycle Breakers program, a passionate community of individuals who rally behind Carried To Full Term's mission.

"I think [Carried To Full Term] is amazing. They are helping women by giving them the tools and resources to thrive when they leave Carried To Full Term. I couldn't imagine another organization to give my funds to because they are really doing great work.", said Grace.

But, Grace's motivation for becoming a Cycle Breaker runs deep. She recognizes the fundamental importance of having a safe and stable environment for raising a family. With being a single mother, she understands the struggles and sacrifices that come with motherhood. This understanding fuels her unwavering support for Carried To Full Term's mission. As Grace said, "Being a mom myself, I know how hard it is to raise a child, so having the basic needs of having a home, a shower, and a bed is a necessity to raise a family. I’m happy to say that Carried To Full Term is giving the opportunity for women to succeed and I am in full support of that."

Grace's daughter with Maya's (one of our amazing residents!) daughter, M.

Grace's connection to the cause is personal. She knows that without the support of her own family, her circumstances as a young mother could have been vastly different. In her heart, she realizes that many people have the means to spare $10 a month, regardless of their circumstances, just by giving up two coffees out a month. She believes in doing her part to help other mothers have the opportunity to chase after their dreams and provide a better life for themselves and their children.

As Grace continues her journey as a Cycle Breaker, she serves as an inspiration to us all. Her compassion, dedication, and understanding are lighting the way for pregnant mothers who find themselves in dire situations. Her story reminds us that each small act of kindness, each contribution, has the potential to create a ripple of positive change in the lives of those in need.

Grace's story is a testament to the power of empathy, the strength of community, and the potential for even the smallest actions to have an immeasurable impact. In a world that needs more compassion, Grace's cycle of monthly giving is a guiding light, illuminating the path to a better future for pregnant mothers and their children.

Grace hanging out with little M in the Carried To Full Term Yellow House.

To hear directly from Grace, watch her video here.

Be like Grace and become a Cycle Breaker today. For as little as ten dollars a month, you can help pregnant moms and their children in tremendous ways. $10 covers expenses like a educational book for our residents financial management classes, a parenting class, a ride to the hospital for a prenatal appointment, or a meal for a mother and her two children. Join our compassionate community of Cycle Breakers at and get access to exclusive members-only events, first to know notifications and member-exclusive tours and volunteer opportunities!

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