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Seven Years Later - Rachel's Reunion & the Lasting Impact of Carried To Full Term

Rachel, a shining example of the incredible journeys we witness at Carried To Full Term. Rachel’s story captures the unwavering spirit and determination of the mothers who come through our doors, seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

7 years ago, Rachel was our very first CTFT resident.
7 years ago, Rachel was our very first CTFT resident.

Last week brought an unexpected and heartwarming reunion at the Carried To Full Term house. As Frances Robin, Director of Carried To Full Term, entered the door to welcome a new mom to the yellow house, she was greeted by the sight of three ladies sitting in the living room. As she exchanged greetings with each of them, her eyes widened in surprise and joy when she saw the third woman among them - Rachel.

Rachel holds a special place in the history of Carried To Full Term, being our very first resident. Her presence brought us to a full-circle moment, a testament to the impact and lasting connections created within these walls. It turned out that Rachel had returned to offer support to her friend who was navigating through challenging and life-changing decisions.

Rachel with Tyler Robin, Volunteer Coordinator at Carried To Full Term's inaugural gala
Rachel with Tyler Robin, Volunteer Coordinator at Carried To Full Term's inaugural gala

The day was filled with emotions, but seeing Rachel sitting there, a living testament to the success stories originating here, made it all worthwhile. She graciously shared glimpses of her life since leaving the program, highlighting her successes from the foundation she had been created here and proudly displaying photos of her now seven-year-old daughter.

Listening to Rachel's story and witnessing her daughter's growth was a powerful reminder of the transformative journey that Carried To Full Term embarks upon with each resident. The unexpected reunion became a celebration of resilience, hope, and the lasting impact of our mission - "to provide long-term residential housing to pregnant women who are experiencing homelessness, and to empower them with the resources and support they need to create a stable foundation for themselves and their families."

Frances Robin, Executive Director, pictured with Rachel this week.
Frances Robin, Executive Director, pictured with Rachel

It was a night that reinforced the power of community and support that Carried To Full Term provides, not just during a resident's time in the program but as a lifelong network of care and encouragement. At Carried to Full Term, we are committed to making lifelong connections with our moms, past and present - and it’s all thanks to people like you.

The holidays are a cherished time for warmth, love, and family. It's a season where the comforts of home mean more than ever. However, it's important to remember that not everyone has a place to call home. Shockingly, this holiday season, up to 47,520 pregnant women and their children are facing the harsh reality of homelessness.

At Carried To Full Term, we hold a steadfast belief that every woman, regardless of her circumstances, should have the opportunity to experience the joy of a warm, safe, and loving home during the holidays. Your generosity has the incredible power to light up a home, warm a heart, and provide hope to pregnant women who not only deserve but also yearn for a brighter and more stable future.

As Giving Tuesday ap proaches, we invite you to join us in this heartwarming mission. Your support is a beacon of hope that can truly bring 'hope and home' for these brave women during this holiday season. Together, we can ensure that no one has to spend this time of year without the warmth and security of a loving home.

Join us in spreading love and compassion. Make a difference this Giving Tuesday – and help us turn 'no place to call home' into 'the perfect place to celebrate home.' Thank you for bringing hope and home to pregnant homeless women and children for the holidays.

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